• Furnace Rebuild Improves Productivity
    Wed, A Walking Beam furnace rebuild, incorporating a Stein Heurtey designed and patented Digit@lFurnace solution with a control system implemented by Eurotherm, has increased throughput and delivered improved energy efficiency while reducing emissions for Corus in their Port Talbot plant.
  • EYCON keeps an eye on the process
    Mon, Eurotherm have recently launched the new Eycon series of visual supervisors. These visual supervisors provide multi-function control, recording and visualisation. Eurotherm have a long history of experience in the control, data acquisition and process automation market and now the Eycon Series brings that expertise into a single process unit.
  • Pilkington choose Eurotherm for Global Alliance Agreement
    Thu, Pilkington, one of the world's largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the building and automotive markets, has signed a Global Alliance agreement with Eurotherm Limited. The glass manufacturer will now standardise internationally wherever possible on “hot end” control solutions based on Eurotherm's EurothermSuite™ family of distributed control and information systems, with its associated instrumentation.